2011 rents rise Austin rents continue to rise. Occupancy may reach 98% by Dec. 2011. Great for developers, bad for tenants. With people convinced of massive job growth in Austin, people moving here will continue to make things tight for anyone looking for a good deal in the rental market. more>
Austin Apts filling up Austin Rents Rise! With close to 97% occupancy, average Austin one bedrooms soar to $714 and two bedrooms to $938. Ouch. This condition is not expected to change through 2009. more>
Austinites forced out Excellent article explaining growth of for sale condo market at the expense of affordable rental units. Result is a much less "weird" Austin as many people can't keep up with rents and are being forced out. more>
Austin rental rates Rent rises 2004-2007. Rents projected to go to $1.55 per square foot after renovations/conversions in areas currently less than $1 per square foot. more>
Austin protesters

What is affordable in housing? City, activists differ on what makes housing truly affordable. more>


High rent rationalized as affordable based on MFI (median family income.) more>
Austin affordability ratios Time for a Raise? another MFI article. more>
census Income growth in Austin 2000 Census showed boom in central Texas (This has been used in part to justify higher rents.) more>
Austin worker Does It Really Pay to Work in Austin? Austin is at or below national average in wages in all occupational groups. more>
Austin homeless Homeless--Austin has highest cost of living and the highest housing costs for an urban area in Texas. more>
Austin homeless
Austin Low-cost living in a high-rent town.
Boarding houses fill a need. more>
money bag

More affordable housing woes. more>

flooded house Houses and apartments not meeting code. City's affordable housing squeeze means code violations are often ignored. more>
Austin apartment disappears Aging apartments gone to make room for luxury condos (more pressure on rental market.) more>
East Austin Protest East Austin's changing landscape.
Urban-style condominiums are bringing lofty hopes, fears of gentrification to a historically Latino neighborhood. more>
demographic graph Article on Austin growth and the changing demographics of different areas of town. more>
standard of living chart Not getting by.
Deteriorating standard of living for many people. more>
bedroom decor Stylish apartment decorating on a student's budget. more>
Austin foreclosures Foreclosures up by 56% in central Texas (more renters.) more>
house sale graph
House sales fall for sixth month in a row. more>
new home marketing House sellers try new marketing. more>
downtown Austin redevelopment map Lack of affordable housing downtown. more>
new downtown Austin condos Booming downtown condos as developers try to keep up with high demand. Prices aren't going down there. more>
greed Watch out...some apartment complexes charging double rent more>
East Austin condos Older Austin Apartments sold as condos. more>
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